The goal of this plan is to ensure the safety and health of BMFS clients and guides. The practices are intended to limit unsanitized guide-client contact and to keep common places of contact sanitized. These practices will be implemented immediately and used continuously by BMFS guides and clients.


Wed + Thurs:

  • Provide an option for Zoom participation class portions.
  • Have all participants use hand sanitizer as they enter the shop. Leave a hand sanitizer bottle at the table for use whenever needed throughout the indoor portion.
  • Strongly encourage the use of a face covering.
  • Arrange seating in store to better allow classes to spread out or on the front porch as weather permits.
  • Email booklet ahead of time as .pdf and encourage participants to print at home. Have extras printed at the shop for those who aren’t able to print.


  • Rods will be sanitized before/after use.
  • Face coverings are encouraged whenever the group is in close proximity.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the day.


  • Sanitize all class materials and equipment before and after use with wipes.
  • Will have hand sanitizer available for participant and instructor use at all times.

Guide Trips

  • Transportation: clients are strongly encouraged to drive themselves. If clients are not able to provide their own transportation, guides will have hand sanitizer in the vehicle and wipe all points of contact (ie door handles, control buttons/knobs, etc.) before entering and after use. Clients and guides are encouraged to wear face coverings while in the same vehicle.
  • Gear: Clients are encouraged to bring and use their own equipment. If the guide supplies rods, the cork and reel will be wiped before/after use.
  • Maintain 6ft as much as possible.
  • Encourage use of face covering while in close proximity to each other.
  • Food/Beverages: Clients are encouraged to bring their own snacks/beverages or at least their own water bottle that can be refilled. If the guide provides lunch, they will use hand sanitizer and then put on plastic gloves while preparing/handing off food.
  • Boat: Guide will sanitize all common points of contact on their boat before clients get in and after the trip.



THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE. We've been given the thumbs up to start opening our doors as of Monday, May 18th. We will be resuming normal business hours that day. AND, we will continue to offer curbside, shipping and online sales as well. We're REAL excited to see your faces. At least part of them. Please, remember that by opening our doors, we're exposing ourselves as well. We ask for your understanding about wearing masks, using hand sanitizer and being patient if we ask people to wait outside if it's busy in the shop to allow for distance. It's our goal that everyone stays happy, healthy and fishing. Thanks again for your patience through these uncharted waters. We appreciate your support now, and always. 



Ok, so you finished the coloring contest in the first 45 seconds? Now what? Try this. We've worked with â€‹MNTU, Trout in the Classroom and some local artists to put together some more activities. Starting with some simple additional coloring pages, some videos, age appropriate casting lessons, official lesson plans for getting out on a river and learning about bugs and more! HUGE thanks to everyone who helped us pull this together.