15th Apr 2020

Year Round Trout in MN


MINNESOTA trout season update, please share to let folks know. They have not posted these new rules that took effect July 14th this year on the web or the trout seasons reg book.
I have had a good amount of folks calling about the Minnesota Trout season this year. I talked to the DNR this morning and here is the scoop. Most all streams are open until Oct 15th. Catch and release is from Sept 15- Oct 15th and then most streams close.
The season for trout is now open YEAR ROUND on the streams listed BELOW and is catch and release only through the winter until harvest season starts again next year which is in the regs.
The catch-and-release season in southeast area state parks is extended through Wednesday, Dec. 31 on the following streams”

-East Beaver Creek in Beaver Creek Valley State Park

-Forestville Creek in Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

-Canfield Creek in Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

-South Branch Root River in Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

-Trout Run Creek in Whitewater State Park

-Middle Branch Whitewater
River in Whitewater State Park.