15th Apr 2020

Fly Fishing Provo River, Utah

I missed Monday morning on Lake Elmo this week, I was down in Salt Lake City Utah visiting some of our good friends through Monday.

Whenever I travel I try to find some new water to fish, even if its just for a half day. I had fished the Provo River a bunch on previous visits, it is an awesome trout fishery and I recommend it if you are ever in Salt Lake. We wanted to switch it up a little, and my friend Michael was up for a new mission as well. He had never tried to hook up a muskie on the fly rod so I thought this would be a good adventure. I did a little research before heading down and found that there were about five reservoirs that have good populations of tiger muskies in them. There were a couple of lakes just north of Salt Lake, one was east of Ogden and one was just a little north west of Logan. We decided to hit the one up by Logan, Newton Reservoir, it was a much smaller lake and I felt we had a better chance there. We popped into Western Rivers Fly Fishers, the local fly shop in Salt Lake to grab some tying materials for the next day. After a few beers and dinner, we spooled up the sequel to the movie 300, cracked some more beers, and tied up some big ugly flies. The sequel is not nearly as good as the original 300 FYI.



The damn beers kept us from getting up as early as we wanted, but we still managed to drive an hour and a half and be on the reservoir by about 9:00am. The lake was low and clear, and the sun was already pretty high in the sky. We were hoping to be able to sight fish these tigers and walked about a mile without seeing any fish. The further we walked the further we sank into the mud and the shallower the lake became. Our best plan at this point was to fish our way back to the truck, fish from shallow to deep and hope for the best. The mud was sticky, the kind that you lose your shoe or boot in and it made fishing from shore tough, so we moved about half way back to the truck, the banks were gravel and a little more stable.


Cast after cast after cast after cast after cast and no fish. Was it too late in the day? Was it too sunny? Did we get there too late? The full moon was two days prior, was it the moon? Were they deep? Were they shallow? Did they want a blue fly? Was I holding my mouth wrong? Oh well, the great thing about fishing is that every time you head out, whether you catch a fish or not, you learn something. We learned that if you walk too far it gets real muddy. I love fishing new water!