10th Apr 2019

4.10.19 Stream Report

A report from a customer of ours who fished the Rush yesterday.

“I fished the Rush yesterday for 5 hours from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. When I arrived, the river was high and only slightly hazy. Water visibility was 18” or so. Fish were quite active and podded up. Almost without exception, if I caught one fish and cast back to the same area, I would hook 2-3 more fish. I was using a #10 beetle (I know it’s weird. You don’t get many takes on it, but when you do it’s usually big! I got the idea from a guy last year who landed a 17” brown on a stimulator in April!) with a #10 tungsten head mini-girdle bug. Most of the fish came on the girdle bug. I landed 19 fish between 10-13” and had a couple of bigger fish on. By the end, the water had cleared substantially. Water visibility increased to 24-30”. Great fun with steady action. Of course, this may change with the approaching storm today.”