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Fish tales.

  • 9.23.14 It's that Brule time of year.

    It's that time of year, the time of year your mind starts wandering up to the Brule River. You daydream of past years on the Brule and wonder what this year is going to bring.  Am I going to catch the big one this year? What is the weather going to be like? Hopefully it is not busy up there this year. Should I get up at 4am and go sit on a hole or sleep in? I hope the fish are there. Cold sammies or cook some good food. I could start packing now. What hole should we start at?  I need to get some whiskey and cigs for the trip. My waders leak, shit. Nymph or swing? Eggs, or buggy nymphs? I wonder what week the most fish will be in the river. It's all rolling through your head while you sit at your desk staring at the monitor. The Brule is all about good friends, burgers, beer, and kareoke at the Krow Bar. Oh, and catching fist fulls of steel. Ok, maybe not fist fulls of steel but one beautiful chrome fish will do, just one. And that is the addiction. Whether you spend one day or five, the Brule is a magical place that makes magical memories. 





















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